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SDGs badge

SDGs Civil Society Network Original

“SDGs badge”



"SDG Japan  Original 'SDGs badge' is ready.


"Leave No One Behind"

How can such feelings be expressed? After nearly a year of discussion and numerous prototypes, this badge was created with the passion of NGOs/NPOs, private companies, and people involved in making badges.


"An uneven society is a society that leaves no one behind."

The badge designed with this in mind is provided by Yamaguchi Sangyo Co., Ltd., which aims to make leather that is friendly to people, the environment, and society.gentle leather” as a foundation, and received technical guidance from Brother Industries, Ltd.NPO ShinseiDesigned and created by


Various ideas were born and utilized, such as changing the border from black to white and incorporating “LNOB” (no one left behind) in the design while receiving opinions from member organizations belonging to the SDGs Civil Society Network. I was. It became a badge of confidence for us that we were able to express the "unevenness of society" by not simply designing a circle.


You can choose a type that fastens with a magnet or a type that fastens with a pin, so it is also recommended for those who do not want to make holes in their jackets.


Aiming for a society that leaves no one behind

I hope that such thoughts will reach everyone.

SDGs badge

    • One badge costs 1,200 yen (1,320 yen including tax).
    • A shipping fee of 180 yen will be charged for each shipment.
    • If you would like to purchase 8 or more in total, please contact the secretariat.
    • The badges are handmade by people with disabilities from the NPO Shinsei. As of March 2019, the same batch is produced with a monthly limit of 100 pieces. For bulk purchases, please contact us for delivery times.
    • After ordering, if the item is in stock, it will be shipped within one week.
    • If there is no stock, it may take about a month to ship due to the production schedule. Please note.
    • The fastener of the badge is either a magnet type or a pin type. Please be sure to check before ordering.
    • The magnet type uses a strong magnet, making it difficult to fall off, but it may come off when attached to thick fabrics such as coats, or even with medium thickness due to physical stimulation (collision, rubbing). Thank you.
    • The pin type may leave holes depending on the fabric.
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