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To realize a society where “no one is left behind”

The SDGs Civil Society Network (SDGs Japan) aims to transform "from a world that does not last, to a world that does not last" without leaving anyone behind. It is a network group that is going.

SDGs Japan is looking for people to work with us.

No special knowledge or skills are required to work for an NGO. In the SDGs civil society network, people with various backgrounds gather and operate the business.

Join the SDGs Civil Society Network to create a society where no one is left behind.

Open positions

Message from the secretariat staff

executive director
Eriko Nitta

We are a general incorporated association, a network organization with about 150 groups gathered in 13 units such as environment, development, education, and gender. At SDGs Japan, we are mainly engaged in policy proposals for achieving SDGs and dissemination and enlightenment of SDGs from the perspective of consumers. From the standpoint of civil society, we are working in collaboration with a wide range of sectors, including private companies, local governments, international organizations, and governments, to create a society where everyone can live with dignity.

After working in the employee training department of a private company for about three and a half years, I started working for an NGO. In order to achieve the SDGs, partnerships with not only NGOs but also companies, local governments, and research institutes are essential. To that end, my experience at a private company, rather than working at an NGO, was really useful.

Some people may think that NGOs are "stiff" or "unclear", but our member organizations are working to achieve the SDGs in a variety of ways. It gives me great motivation and motivation to work. We hope that you will join the SDGs Civil Society Network and come into contact with the actual sites of SDGs practice.

Advocacy Coordinator
Masaki Kubota

After graduating from university, I worked as a science teacher at a junior high school. After graduating from graduate school, I wanted to work on the SDGs through my field of specialization, environmental management, and came to SDGs Japan, a network of civil society organizations.

At SDGs Japan, I am in charge of policy proposal projects as an advocacy staff. Policy proposal is an activity to make proposals to the government together with civil society groups working together on the policies and measures necessary to realize a society where "no one is left behind." Through my activities, I have had the valuable experience of meeting and exchanging opinions with various stakeholders, such as organizations aiming to achieve the SDGs, members of the Diet, and government officials. If you are interested, please apply.

General Affairs/Accounting
Kayoko Shima

I was introduced to the SDGs Japan Secretariat by a friend I used to work with.

Currently, I am in the office two days a week, mainly in charge of accounting and general affairs.

In fact, from the perspective of transparency, accounting is more important for civil society organizations than for ordinary companies. However, in small offices, the amount of work is not enough to hire a full-time accounting person, so it seems that there are many cases where the staff is employed part-time or has a staff member. Many people say that it is difficult to find someone with accounting knowledge and experience that meets their requirements.

I myself am in charge of general affairs and accounting, but since we have a system in place for staff to cooperate with each other, I am able to enjoy working not only in general affairs and accounting, but also in other areas.

Since it is a small office, I sometimes help out on the day of events and meetings, but through helping out, I feel that my knowledge of civil society organizations has increased, and my understanding of numbers that I used to look at in accounting has deepened as a concrete example. is also a place of learning.

It's a poor introduction, but I would be happy if you were interested in SDGs Japan. Please feel free to contact our office.


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