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articles of incorporation

SDGs Civil Society Network (SDGs Japan) was established as a general incorporated association on February 27, 2017. If you would like to know more about the purpose of the organization and how the organization should be, please refer to the "Articles of Incorporation".

In addition to the “Articles of Incorporation,” we also have regulations, rules, and regulations for the membership system that forms the basis of governance, the board of directors as an executive body, the “business unit” system that is the main body of our business, and the secretariat that is the cornerstone of our system and business. I improved the internal regulations. For details, please refer to the Regulations, Regulations, and Bylaws.

​​SDGs Japan Articles of Incorporation (PDF format, revised at the general meeting on June 28, 2022)

​SDGs Japan Articles of Incorporation (PDF format with ruby)

SDGs Japan Articles of Incorporation (English) (PDF format)

SDGs Japan introduction leaflet (PDF format)

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