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SDGs Japan

Introduction of original goods, books, etc.

SDGs Japan Original Goods, Books

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SDGs Japan introduces and sells products, books, and materials based on the philosophy of "leaving no one behind."

You can naturally choose sustainable and ethical things (including products). becomes commonplace in our lives.

That is the future that we should aim for.

We also introduce SDGs-related products and books handled by regular member organizations, so please check them out.


    Books by SDGs Civil Society Network members

    A book about SDGs written, edited and supervised by members of SDGs Japan. There are various approaches to the SDGs depending on the theme and author. Please take it in your hand.


    A specialized book supervised by the co-representative director of SDGs Japan, in-depth commentary on SDGs goal setting and realization issues by front-line researchers and practitioners. Part I clarifies the background and content of each SDGs goal. Part II analyzes the current status and challenges of policies for the realization of the SDGs. This is a specialized book that specifically proposes how universities, local governments, civil society, and companies should interact with the SDGs.


    National data SDGs and Japan: human security indicators to ensure no one is left behind

    (2019, Akashi Shoten)

    NPO “Human Security” Forum, edited by Yukio Takasu

    In order to grasp "who, where and how" is being left behind in Japanese society, we have selected over 90 objective indicators as "Japan's human security index", and three of "life index", "life index" and "dignity index". This book attempts to visualize the issues of each prefecture by calculating the index and subjective evaluation of "self-sufficiency" and "social cooperation" by questionnaire survey.

    Focusing on "children", "women", "young people", "elderly people", "disabled people", "LGBT", "disaster victims" and "foreigners" as individual groups that tend to be left behind, A new attempt was also made, such as discussing from the relationship with "Japan's human security index".

    Marimo Karaki, director of SDGs Japan (at that time), wrote “Youth” in the book, and the SDGs Japan Secretariat (Inaba and Nitta at that time) participated as members.


    SDGs White Paper 2019

    (2019, Impress R&D)

    A book that introduces advanced and excellent examples of how to achieve SDGs through collaboration with stakeholders surrounding SDGs, such as companies and local governments, by Keio University SFC Research Institute xSDG Lab. In the same book, Eriko Nitta, the secretary general, introduces "NPO/NGO efforts toward SDGs."


    SDGs Local Government White Paper 2020

    (2020, Seikatsusha)

    Edited by Takehiro Nakaguchi and Haruna Ozawa

    Editorial cooperation: Environmental Policy Research Institute, Council of Environmental Local Governments

    Efforts of “SDGs local governments” toward a society of coexistence with the new corona-The calculation results of regional revitalization performance indicators by municipality are released at once. Eriko Nitta, Executive Director and Secretary-General, wrote “Citizen-led activities to achieve the SDGs that are needed now – their significance” in Chapter 2. Efforts by Civil Society and International NGOs for Abolition" Advocacy Officer, Save the Children Japan

    Written by Mami Kawaguchi


    Fundamentals of SDGs

    (2018, Sendenkaigi Co., Ltd.)

    Business Concept Graduate University Press (Author, Editor), Taikan Oki (Author), Shinji Onoda (Author), Kaori Kuroda (Author), Hidemitsu Sasaya (Author), Masahisa Sato (Author), Tetsuro Yoshida (Author)

    Kaori Kuroda, former representative director of SDGs Japan, wrote "Chapter 5 Thinking from the perspective of sustainable public procurement". A book written for businesses.


    Our world created by partnership

    (Environmental Partnership Conference 2018)

    In addition to explaining the background and key points leading up to the adoption of the SDGs and the background of each of the 17 goals using specific data, it also introduces them in relation to the situation in Japan.


    A business book by Kanako Baba, the founder of Sakuraya, a regular member organization. Full of interviews with Mr. Baba's know-how and people who are active in regions across the country. SDGs Japan Executive Director Eriko Nitta also participated in the interview.


    Goals that will change the future SDGs Ideabook

    (2018, Kinokuniya Bookstore)

    by Think The Earth

    From children to adults, this book is easy to understand and fun to learn about SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). With easy-to-understand explanations, this is a great book for those who are new to the SDGs. Masaki Inaba, SDGs Japan Policy Advisor, also wrote the commentary.

    Information on sustainable products by SDGs Japan member organizations

    More than 130 organizations are participating in SDGs Japan. Introducing SDGs-friendly products and services sold by each organization.

    * Products are products of SDGs Japan regular member organizations, and we are introducing those that have been requested. If you have any questions about products or inquiries about purchasing, please contact each organization directly.

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