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We are looking for participants!

SDGs Japan welcomes applications from general regular members, network regular members, information members, corporate members, and group members. "If you want to know about the membership system, please click the link "About SDGs Japan" and check the details of the membership system of SDGs Japan. After that, if you want to join, please access the application form below and After filling in the necessary information, please contact the "SDGs Japan" secretariat (

For profit-making companies/industry groups/economic groups:

To participate as a "Collaborative Group" (Participation Guidelines, PDF)



Annual Membership Fee/Number of Voting Rights

Social movement group

Membership system

General regular member

(NGO/NPO etc.,

network organization)

Organizations that can participate in general meetings and business management meetings and want to directly commit to the planning, operation, and implementation of policy proposals and public relations enlightenment are eligible.
In addition, there are benefits such as discounts when participating in events hosted by this organization.

1 unit or more of 20,000 yen per unit

Number of voting rights: 1


regular member

(network organization)

Among NGO/NPO network organizations, organizations that are difficult to apply for as "general members" in terms of membership fees, membership, organization, etc., or organizations that require consideration.

1 unit or more of 20,000 yen per unit

(May be exempted by decision of the Board of Directors)

Number of voting rights: Varies depending on payment amount

(See Articles of Incorporation)

information member

(NGO/NPO etc.,

network organization)

You can get the latest information on SDGs (in Japan and overseas) and information on civil society network activities related to SDGs. You can also communicate your organization's activities to member organizations, enabling collaboration and cooperation across fields.

Membership fee for the year of joining is exempted

* From the next year, 3,000 yen per share


Membership system

corporate membership

This is a membership quota for private companies. Financially, we can contribute to the SDGs civil society network and provide advice and cooperation on activities and operations. The SDGs civil society network can also implement cooperation and collaborative projects such as providing advice on activities related to corporate SDGs promotion, social responsibility, and value creation.

Annual membership fee 10,000 yen / 5 units or more

Group member

Cooperatives, labor unions, religious organizations, research institutes, academic societies, etc. who wish to participate in, give advice on, or contribute financially to the activities of the SDGs Civil Society Network are eligible. It is also possible to cooperate and implement collaborative projects such as giving advice on social activities and value creation related to the promotion of SDGs by organizations.

Annual membership fee 10,000 yen / 3 units or more

Request for support

The activities of SDGs Japan are operated with your warm donations and support. Currently, in addition to support by postal transfer, we also accept credit card donations and monthly support.


Benefits of donating

Donors will receive information about the SDGs Japan Newsletter, which is issued every other month, as well as priority applications and discounts for events.
For those who can provide monthly support, we will also introduce SDGs Japan original goods, so please take this opportunity to support us.

We would like to thank everyone for their kindness and ask for your continued support and cooperation in our activities. Thank you very much.

[Donate by credit card]


[Donate from a bank account]

◎ Bank name: Mitsubishi UFJ Bank

◎Branch name: Ueno branch (337)

◎Account type: Ordinary account

◎Account number: 0248915

◎ Account name: General Incorporated Association SDGs Civil Society Network

(Ippan Shadanhoujin SDJ's Shimin Shakai Network)

Donation FAQ

Q1.Is there a minimum donation amount?

A1.It has not been decided. You are free to donate any amount you wish.


Q2.Is there a fee for donations?

A2. Transfer fees will be borne by the donor.


Q3.I would like a receipt.

A3. When donating, please let us know if you would like a receipt. We will send you a receipt. It may take some time for the receipt to arrive. If you are in a hurry, please contact the secretariat.


Q4.Is there tax on donations?

A4.SDGs Japan is a general incorporated association. Donations are not tax deductible. Please note.


Q5. How will donations be used?

A5.We will support all activities of SDGs Japan. Our important activities include network activities, policy proposals, and appeals to society to improve awareness. Activities are reported on our website.


Q6.Can I specify the purpose of the donation?

A6. SDGs Japan cannot respond to all requests for designated donations, but it is possible to consult with the board of directors and secretariat. At the time of application, please fill in the activity and contact method you want to specify in the remarks column and apply.


Q7.I would like to donate items.Do you accept them?

A7.SDGs Japan does not accept donations of goods. Please note.


For inquiries regarding participation and donations, please contact the SDGs Japan office.

Sankyo Building Main Building 604, 1-7-10 Iidabashi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0072

Phone number: 03-5357-1773

Fax number: 03-5357-1774


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