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SDGs Japan X

Various initiatives of SDGs Japan

Promoting multi-sector collaboration


Since its establishment, SDGs Japan has been promoting initiatives in collaboration with corporations, local governments, and academia.

In order to realize the SDG philosophy of "leaving no one behind," it is necessary for all sectors to recognize and share the challenges and to do what they can do.

"I want to work with NGOs on the SDGs."

"I have an idea for something like this, but I need your help as an advisor."

Please contact us at any time.

SDGs Promotion Roundtable
Representatives from civil society attended

Bringing the voice of civil society to politics

The government's SDG Promotion Headquarters, established in 2016, has established the SDGs Promotion Roundtable, in which various external sectors participate and express their opinions.

SDGs Japan has participated as a member of the Roundtable since its establishment as a base for disseminating the SDGs to civil society. Through participation in the Roundtable, we have expressed our grassroots opinions on how to realize a society in which "no one is left behind," and we have also been involved in various forms of advocacy, such as proposing a "bottom-up action plan" led by SDGs Japan.

SDGs Badge 
NPO Shinsei x Yamaguchi Sangyo Co.

Creating products that are friendly to people, society, and the environment

The SDGs Japan member badge announced in February 2019 was designed and produced by Shinsei, an NPO active in Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture, and is based on "gentle leather" provided by Yamaguchi Sangyo Corporation, a corporate member. Gentle leather, made by tanning hides using only naturally derived ingredients, does not use chromium agents, and thus has no environmental impact.

The leather was designed and produced by the staff of NPO Shinsei, which operates a workshop based in Koriyama, based on the idea that "an uneven society is an SDGs society. Brother Industries, Ltd. also participated in the production with technical guidance.

The badges are now on sale to the general public in response to popular demand, and since the construction period is set reasonably short, it will take some time before you receive your copy.

For more information about the SDG badges, please visit

2017- Resona Bank
​SDGs promotion private placement bonds



SDGs Japan has been a donation recipient of Resona Bank's "SDGs Promotion Private Placement Bonds" since 2017.
Under this program, a portion of the fees received from customers who issue private placement bonds of 50 million yen or more is used to make donations to SDG-related organizations.
SDGs Japan plans to use the donations from the private placement bonds for research activities to raise awareness of the SDGs and to introduce case studies related to the SDGs.
Click here for more information about Private Placement Bonds

2020.5- Hankyu/Hanshin HD
Supervision of SDGs train project

advertising for private companies

​ supervision

For one year, from May 27, 2019 to the end of May 2020, trains wrapped in SDGs will run on the Kobe, Takarazuka, and Kyoto lines of Hankyu Railway and on the Hanshin Namba line of Hanshin Railway.

This initiative was planned as part of the 10th anniversary of the Hankyu Hanshin Future Dream and Town Project. For the past 10 years, Hankyu Hanshin has been implementing the Dream Town Project together with local NPOs and civic activity groups, and because of their activities over the past 10 years, the SDG Civil Society Network also endorsed this initiative to achieve the SDGs and participated in it as a planning supervisor.

Specifically, we created content (text) for posters on the SDGs to be displayed in vehicle advertising, and provided advice from an SDG perspective for other advertisements to be displayed. The advertisements, for example, introduce how little awareness of the SDGs is linked to climate change and infectious diseases in relation to the heat wave, thinning and its use, commuting and public transportation, and so on.

It is only for a one-year period, but please take a look if you have a chance. Click here for the Hankyu Hanshin HD website

2020.9-  SDGs wrapping train at Hankyu Hanshin Electric Railway/Tokyu Electric Railway

advertising for private companies

​ supervision

SDGs Wrapping Train will run on Hankyu Hanshin Electric Railway and Tokyu Electric Railway from September 6, 2020 Press release was released on August 6, 2020. SDG Japan is jointly planning and supervising the posters to be displayed in the trains.


Tokyu Group press releasehere

Hankyu/Hanshin HD press releasehere

2019.12-2020.1 JR Yamanote Line
​SDGs wrapping train operation

advertising for private companies

​ supervision

From October 18, 2019 to the end of January 2020, the SDGs Wrapping Train will operate on the Yamanote Line with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the United Nations Information Center for the purpose of "promoting understanding of the SDGs" and "introducing our Group's efforts to achieve the SDGs".
SDGs Japan cooperated in the planning and supervision of posters to be displayed on the train.


​JR East websitehere

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