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Biography of Business Unit Secretary

SDGs Japan has prepared a "business unit" system as a framework for working with multiple organizations on themes such as health, education, poverty and inequality, as well as regional and community issues. At present, monthly business management meetings are held with the participation of the secretary groups of the 12 Units, where they share information on the progress of Unit activities and exchange opinions on policy advocacy activities.

(1) Development Unit (general development and development finance unit for developing countries)


(2) Environment unit


(3) Education Unit


(4) Global Health Unit


(5) Social Responsibility (SR) Unit


(6) Gender Unit


JOICFP Public Interest Foundation Global Advocacy Director

Bunei Saito

After working as a parliamentary policy secretary, he was involved in legislation such as the Spousal Violence Prevention (DV) Act and the Child Prostitution and Pornography Prohibition Act, and later served as Planning Coordinator in the Cabinet Office, and the first Asian regional coordinator of The Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health. , served as the Fundraising and Partnerships Specialist at the United Nations Women's Agency Japan Office. Women and the 2011 East Japan Disaster (2012) The situation surrounding LGBT employment in Canada (2017) Information disclosure regarding women's empowerment and equal employment in other countries (Canada) (2019) Women's Empowerment and Gender Equality in Japan (2019) ) etc.

Vice Representative of JAWW (Japan Women's Watchdog)

織田 由紀子

Area of interest: Gender and development/environment.

(7) Faulty unit


(8) Regional Unit


(9) Business and Human Rights Unit


(11) Disaster prevention/mitigation unit


(12) Youth Unit

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