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Category:1891 births Category:1974 deaths Category:Slovenian historians Category:Slovenian Roman Catholic priests Category:Slovenian journalists Category:Slovenian male writers Category:People from Ljubljana Category:Catholic People's Party politicians Category:Slovenian People's Party politicians Category:University of Ljubljana alumni Category:Slovenian memoiristsThe kinetic involvement of Ca(2+) and GSH in pBR322.HIV-1 DNA integration into the host genome. Integration of the viral DNA into the host cell chromosome is a complex event and requires the recruitment of a large number of cellular factors, the most important being the integration enzymes (INs), which assemble on the viral DNA into a stable and specific complex. We have found that both Ca(2+) and glutathione (GSH) participate in the initiation of the integration process, and that the use of anti-Ca(2+) and anti-GSH antibodies or N,N'-bispyridiniumbis(2-sulfonyl)etanediamide (BS2) results in a dramatic decrease of the number of integrated molecules. It was previously shown that BS2 binds to the catalytic domains of the integrase protein, a discovery that prompted us to study the Ca(2+) binding properties of IN. The present work shows that the Ca(2+) binding properties of IN are necessary for its catalytic activity. In addition, we show that IN interacts with the small GTPase protein Rac, a molecule that binds Ca(2+) and which has recently been shown to act as a cofactor for integrase. The effect of Ca(2+) on the binding of IN to the viral DNA was also tested and found to be very dependent on the salt concentration used. It is suggested that the complex formation between IN and Ca(2+) is essential for the enzyme to acquire its catalytic activity.import * as React from'react'; import createSvgIcon from '../utils/createSvgIcon'; const FinancialAddAccountIcon = createSvgIcon({ svg: ({ classes }) => (




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